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Established, effective and compassionate

My focus is always on the best interests of my clients and the children impacted by a marital or parental responsibilities (“custody”) dispute. Well prepared, aggressive representation is the most effective way to reach resolution in or out of the courtroom. I also work as a parenting coordinator/decision maker (“PC/DM”) to assist parties in post-decree matters so they stay out of court and they can resolve matters on their own terms.

  • Divorce or legal separation: I handle all components of divorce, including marital asset and debt division, parenting time, child support, and spousal maintenance.

  • Child support:
    • Determination of child support during the divorce process and for permanent orders.
    • Determination of child support payments involving parents who never married.
    • Collecting child support through income garnishment and other means, or defense of allegations that you are in arrears.
    • Modification: When circumstances change substantially, applying for post-divorce modification of child support.
    • Parental decision-making: I help divorcing parents or unmarried parents seek joint or sole parental decision-making orders or agreements.
  • Parenting time: I help my clients arrange for fair, age-appropriate parenting time that protects their relationship with their children. I assist with modifying parenting time, whether as a result of changed circumstances or relocation.
  • Grandparent Visitation and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities.
  • Spousal maintenance: When appropriate, one divorcing spouse may obtain an order of support from the other. I also handle modification of spousal maintenance when circumstances require a change.
  • Marital agreements, including premarital agreements and separation agreements.
  • Domestic partnership planning and dissolution.

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